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Observant person that I am, I failed to notice that it was Earth Day today until 8:40pm.  That’s when my wife pointed out the “countdown” on the TV and explained to me that the kids were staying up an extra half hour so that we could shut off all of the lights for 1 minute at 9pm.  All of the lights, that is, except for the massively bright lamp in the TV that would allow us to share this special Earth Day minute with the folks on Nickelodeon.

Earth Day daily dram

Earth Day nightly dram

Given that it was bed time for the kids, I was ready to pick out my nightly dram of whisky, and decided to get into the moment with the family and go green…Johnnie Walker Green.

I got this bottle for Christmas from my wife.  My previous whiskey experience consisted of JW Red, Black and Swing, as well as The Glenlivet 18 and Maker’s Mark bourbon.  There was something in this bottle of JW Green that was different…a slightly medicinal scent, as well as something earthy.  I finally associated this “earthy” scent (and aftertaste) with the block of peat they handed us to smell during The Scotch Whisky Experience tour in Edinburgh the previous summer.  I was fascinated with this new, peaty experience, and it was this bottle that led me first to Talisker, and then to the Islay single malts.

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